Saturday, February 2, 2019

What is a flat sheet vs fitted sheet

What is a flat sheet vs fitted sheet?

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Flat vs fitted sheet is a debate among use of flat sheet and fitted sheet. Peoples of America have given leverage to this debate. This debate was about, if one use fitted sheet then why he need flat sheet? This problem rise because flat sheet muffles with individual who sleep with it. Fitted sheet don’t move from its place because it has elastic on its edge and it get fit with box spring but flat sheet wrap-up with people so, they don’t want to use flat sheet. One more reason is here that if they use flat sheet too, they need to make their bed every day.

Flat sheet vs fitted sheet is a good concept to make people understand that is flat sheet really needed. I also have written over this topic and tried to give better answer for this debate. When I dived in this debate I find that people don’t want to understand the advantages of flat sheet so they do so. I don’t want to entertain news track but as a linen supplier or bedding expert I think, This is my duty to give proper information to people so they will understand and will know the reality.

There are so many beds and linens expert have given their suggestion and views over this topic but I suggest people to use flat sheet only but I think people should know what is the flat sheet used forThen they should decide about the use of flat sheet over fitted sheet.   

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